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Medical Review Officer

Medical Review Officer (MRO) A licensed physician, independent from the Laboratory, who is certified and possesses knowledge in the field of substance abuse, pharmacology and toxicology drug testing. Free Workplace

The MRO has the following responsibilities:

  • (1) Determine that the information on the drug testing Custody and Control Form (CCF) is forensically and scientifically supportable.
  • (2) Interview the donor when required.
  • (3) Make a determination regarding the test result.
  • (4) Report the verified result to the employer or agency ordering the test.
  • (5) Maintain records and confidentiality of the information.

Any drug that is illegal or requires a prescription in the United States will require a medical explanation if discovered in a urine drug test. The MRO gives the donor an opportunity to provide a legitimate medical explanation, such as a legal prescription, for the positive test result. If the explanation and subsequent proof are appropriate, the MRO will report a negative test result to the employer. If the explanation and proof are not appropriate, the MRO will report a positive test result to the employer.

The use of the Medical Review Officer greatly enhances the validity and reliability of the overall drug testing process. This process helps ensure fairness to the donor and offers more protection to the employer/agency in any case of later litigation due to a “positive” drug test where the donor may have actually had a legitimate medical explanation. It is the job of the MRO to ensure the integrity of the drug test, and without an MRO, there is no assurance of this integrity, and no court should uphold a positive test result not reviewed by a Medical Review Officer.

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